Maikel van der Vleuten: "Really happy to have Luigi d'Eclipse in my stables..."

Maikel van der Vleuten: "Really happy to have Luigi d'Eclipse in my stables..."

WInning four times, it can't be a coincidence... Maikel van der Vleuten is feeling amazing at the Jumping Indoor Maastricht. "It is certainly a competition where I feel great..."

"You feel the support of the crowd. As I mentioned in the award ceremony, it's fantastic that all those people come to watch. When you feel their support and they encourage you like that, it really gives a boost! That's why I think we should cherish Jumping Indoor Maastricht as a top event in the Netherlands. It's a beautiful competition that we can be very proud of."

Van der Vleuten also praises Luigi d'Eclipse: "I am super happy to have Luigi d'Eclipse in the stable, and hopefully, that will continue for a while. We really have a connection, and when you work well together with a horse, you get a lot in return."

The jump-off turned into a true battle between giants from all countries. The Dutch championship combination Willem Greve and Highway M TN are widely known as formidable opponents. This time, the duo had to settle for second place. "Highway M TN N.O.P. and I are really a team, we are so attuned to each other and know each other inside out. He only gets better, and I am very happy that he is secured by N.O.P."

Willem Greve continues: "It was a delicate and challenging course, and the jump-off went super, although I could have ridden one less stride in hindsight. In any case, a beautiful lead-up to Madrid and La Coruna in two weeks. We have seen really beautiful sports in Maastricht. You can see that the competition is alive, and the audience was enthusiastic."

Source: JIM Maastricht