Four-star eventing rider out of action after a fall

Four-star eventing rider out of action after a fall
New Zealand event rider Lucy Jackson is out of action after dislocating her shoulder in a fall at Little Downham on Friday (3 June). Lucy fell at fence 17, the first of a double of corners, with Liz Hawkesworth and Kathy Brown’s eight-year-old Mrs Browns Boy.


Lucy paid tribute to the fence judges and the medics at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, who relocated her shoulder under sedation, as well as the eventing community.


“Emily Llewellyn followed me into hospital on another stretcher and I tried to wave to her, but my arm wouldn’t work.”

Emily fell with Emirati Nightsky, also in the intermediate, but reported on Facebook afterwards that the horse was in “tip top shape” and she is “just sore”. Lucy will miss Bramham, where she was due to have two rides. Barbury is her next big event and she hopes to be fit to compete at a prep run somewhere before that.

She plans to see chiropractor Juliet Lock, who has been working with both Lucy and fellow event rider Jodie Amos for about six years, for help with her rehabilitation.

“I’m nervous for Jodie’s shoulders over the next few weeks as we seem to do things one after the other,” joked Lucy.