H&M Christian K retires from the sport!

H&M Christian K retires from the sport!

H&M Christian K (Namelus R), An amazing horse with 
a big personality and an even bigger heart. 

A fantastic era has come to an end 
as it’s time for H&M Christian K to retire from showjumping. He will now join H&M All In and spend his retirement out in the fields home at Grevlunda.

“He is truly an amazing horse, nothing was ever too big for him. It has been a true honor to ride him and I’m very grateful for the career we’ve had together” Peder Fredricson says.

During their fantastic career together H&M Christian K (breeder: G.W. Klerks) and Peder Fredricson have won the Nations Cup together with the Swedish Team in both Aachen and Rome. They were in the Swedish Silver Team at the World Championships in Tryon in 2018 and won the H&M Grand Prix at Sweden International Horse Show in 2022. 

In 2019 the couple won the GCL Super Cup Final together with the Shanghai Swans in Prague making 2019 H&M Christian K’s most successful year as he became the one horse in the world who earned the most prize money.