It Was A Classic Sunday On The Sixth And Final Day Of The Iconic Menlo Charity Horse Show

It Was A Classic Sunday On The Sixth And Final Day Of The Iconic Menlo Charity Horse Show
The competition was stiff in the $2,500 Strideaway/Peterson 3’6” Junior Hunter Classic in the Grass Hunter Ring with a field of 16 entries. In the end, it would be Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and Triumph leading the victory gallop after two hotly contested rounds. Katherine Dash and Everglow followed on her heels to take second and Kaitlyn also took home third on Easy Time.

Reflecting on the class Kaitlyn explained. “Triumph is owned by Emma and Rebecca Farber and I have been riding him for the past month. He has been a pleasure to ride, and he was Regional Champion at the Junior Hunter Finals and the Small 15 and under. This is my second year at Menlo Charity Horse Show. I just love being here. It is such a lovely change in venue, with amazing prizes and a great experience riding in the grass fields.”

Nancy Hey of Strideaway Farms and the Peterson Family sponsored the classic. “I love watching the Hunters go on the grass.” exclaimed Nancy, “My daughter has jumped here since she was a Junior and I hope my grandchildren will go on the grass eventually, but they are still too small at the moment. I love the Menlo Show, and I serve on the committee. I work on the Tuesday and Saturday night dinners. I am grateful to Ann and Erin for all the help they give me.”

Erin Peterson and her mother Ann Peterson are co-sponsors of the class. “My mother has loved coming to the show every single year. Erin explained. “We love attending and watching the horses on the grass arenas.” The show also has significance to Nancy as she is legally blind and with the funds raised supporting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The Trick or Treat Children’s Hunter Classic winner’s sash was awarded to Baily Rose and Siri who produced two beautiful rounds scoring and 81 in the first and an 81.5 in the second to a final score of 162.5. “I was a little bit nervous and I did not want to think about the scores, if I think about that it usually goes wrong as I start to worry. Siri is so perfect we got he when he was a sale horse and I fell in love with him. I then took him to Junior Hunter Finals; it was my first year, and I did not win anything, but that does not matter. He is so sweet and will do anything for me. I want to thank my mom Rainie, Sherrie Rose and Nick Haness. They all brought me here, helped school the horse and got me to the ring.”

Unknown to Baily there was a lovely coincidence happening, which would touch them all. Gail Morey and her twin sister Sara Jorgensen now sponsor the class following in the footsteps of their parents. “The class was originally sponsored by my parents, it was done on a deal with Betsy Glikbarg, where my father supported one of her causes which was Menlo Circus Club and she in turn supported one of his causes, the Children’s Health Council. Trick or Treat was our Junior Hunter and my older sister Robin showed him as well way back in the 70’s. His barn name was Tantrum and Tommy Lowe was our trainer. Her mother and grandmother train Bailey and Tommy Lowe is family to them…. they did not realize today that Tommy was Trick or Treat’s only trainer, so after the class there were lots of tears and they called Tommy to tell him Bailey had won the classic. “ Gail explained

In the Grass Jumper Field the $7,500 Charlebois Farm 1.20m Junior/Amateur Modified Jumper Classic was taking place. 25 riders contended for the top spot, and in the end it was Sydney Shelby and Colt 45 heading to the winner’s circle. “Colt 45 is leased by us from Cody and Ulea, this has been his first year back after having a year off and his owners went back to Europe. We love him. He has been phenomenal and has been so good for me. This is my first year doing Jumpers at Menlo and I am delighted, it’s wonderful here.” Said Sydney.

John Charlebois, sponsor of the class talked about MCHS. “Menlo Charity Horse Show is a tradition in Northern California. The entire Silicon Valley gives the event tremendous support. Parents, friends and family come out to see this horse show, and it really helps the horse industry and Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It’s an event that every child and adult that has ridden with me has aspired to show here. It’s a great event for so many reasons…

We’re pretty serious about showing at Menlo. We went to Bend, Oregon for two weeks to compete on the grass so our horses were better prepared for what we consider to be the most important (and special) event of the year.”

John explained why he supports the 1.20m Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic that bears his name and signature Charleobois Farm jump “They are all great classes, but I love the Amateurs and Juniors, so my wife and I thought this classic would be a nice one to support, so we have done it almost every year. I have Hunters here as well but we wanted to support the Jumper division.”

John shared his sentiments about the Menlo Charity Horse Show “This show has done so much for so many people. Menlo is the gold standard (in my opinion) for horse shows in Northern California. It’s just a fabulous horse show, and Charlebois Farm is proud to be part of it.”