Changes in FEI veterinary rules

Changes in FEI veterinary rules

Earlier we already mentioned the changes for the 2022 FEI Jumping rules (click here). Also the veterinary regulations for 2022 have been updated and changes are applicable. Most changes are related to biosecurity and prevention of disease transmission. 

Most rules adaptations are in the regulations for facilities, stables, isolation stables, contingency planning and veterinary control.

Further the FEI also rolled out the Horse Health Requirements globally.  Derived from the EHV-1 By-Laws, applied in mainland Europe from 31 May to 31 December 2021, the Horse Health Requirements have been put into place to:

- protect (FEI) horses from the consequences of infectious diseases.
- provide reassurance of the high health of equestrian sport horses.
- maintain and improve the conditions for international transport of sport horses.

Another addition is that horses are not permitted to compete in FEI events following injection and/or oral administration of ethanol and/or Oxytocin.

Click here for the veterinary regulation for 2022